High Quality Key Duplication Services in Ottawa

24h Key Duplication Solutions by One Step Locksmith

One Step Locksmith aims to be the number one, top-of-mind, go-to locksmith in Ottawa offering high quality and affordable services in Ottawa 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year long. With fully comprehensive locksmith services available for all types of vehicles, homes, and commercial establishments, we now also offer key duplication services for our customers’ increased convenience while out on the road.

We boast premier quality locksmith solution as well as highly affordable prices!

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Available 24 Hours a day, All Week Long

Here, at One Step Locksmith, taking a break is unbeknownst to us—that’s because emergencies, and likewise, our customers, never do. If they’re always out on the road and on the go, then we have to be as well. Our dedicated locksmiths sometimes work 10 to 12 hour shifts just to fulfill their duties and provide the best services to all Ottawa residents in need of a locksmith service.

Excellent and Professional Services Guaranteed by Excellent and Professional Locksmiths

We are a fully licensed locksmith company. Likewise, all the locksmiths we hire are licensed, professional, and certified experts in their field. They also have tons of work experience to boast of.

30 Minute Arrival Time Policy

Since we know that providing locksmith services as quickly as we could is essential to what we do in our company, we make sure to always arrive on time to every service operation we carry out—and by on time we mean within 30 minutes. That’s regardless of weather and traffic condition in Ottawa.

Not only that, we’re also always willing to serve the local community of Ottawa to the best of our ability.

For high quality key duplication and other locksmith services, call us now! Our phone line is fully operational 24/7. Our customer service reps are more than glad to walk you through the entire locksmith job booking process if necessary. You can also direct any questions, comments, suggestions, and concerns that you might have to them.

If you’ve recently availed of our services, we encourage you to give a testimonial or review of them! Any form of feedback is duly appreciated by our company.

Remember, we are your smartest choice for premium locksmith solutions across Ottawa.

For our key duplication services in Ottawa call (613) 319-0953