24h Lock Coding Solutions in Ottawa

Ottawa Locksmith Offers Premium Locks Coding Services

Doors are created for the following reasons: to allow you to pass through and to keep a room secure. Keeping a room secure requires that the door have a lock on it, of course. And while most doors have locks on them, sometimes those locks end up causing problems. They might break, or the keys can be lost or damaged. Even in a car, the lock or ignition can develop problems. When this happens, contact your preferred Ottawa locksmith for excellent and professional quality service. One Step Locksmith knows how to answer any locksmith need with high quality and efficient service around the clock, 24/7. Without fail, our technicians will arrive within 30 minutes of the time you call and provide premier services, including door coding. We’ll also make sure to provide you with the honest pricing you deserve and need.

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There are many reasons you might call One Step Locksmith for locksmith services. One of the most common is when the lock is broken or the keys cannot be used because they’ve been damaged or lost. In this case, some choose to go with lock replacement. Whole lock replacement is a service we provide happily, and it may be the best thing for you. However, if you choose, we may be able to answer your needs in another way. We can take your lock and recode it. Lock coding allows the same lock to be used, but it requires different keys. Rather than replacing the whole lock, One Step Locksmith can recode the old lock to make it work with new keys, easily resolving the issue of safety and security at a fraction of the cost for you.

If you’ve got a business where you want to have the locks all coded to fit a master key system, One Step Locksmith can help you out. Master key systems allow you to be able to access all the doors with one particular key that is coded to all the doors, but each individual door has its own key and lock code. Of course, this system requires lock coding to make it work, which our technicians are more than happy to do. We have much experience in creating master key systems and in lock coding, so contact us if you need these services.

The most essential parts of any professional service are the educational knowledge of what to do and the equipment with which to do it. One Step Locksmith technicians are trained and educated in all locksmith services, ranging from auto to commercial to residential. And in addition, each and every one of our vehicles is fully equipped with the tools to answer any locksmith concern. This includes everything from broken ignition key extraction to lock coding and master key systems. Professional service needs professional equipment and education, and One Step Locksmith won’t disappoint.

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