Master Key System Rekey Services in Ottawa

One Step Locksmith Offers Premium Master Key System Rekey Services

One Step Locksmith Ottawa is the local area’s most prominent lock & key and security company operating around the clock. Our fully certified and licensed locksmith technicians will gladly lend a helping hand to any of our customers. Our staff is well trained to provide a wide range of premium locksmith solutions to residential, commercial as well as automotive properties, including master key system rekey. One Step Locksmith is committed to a 30 minute arrival time, great performance and affordable prices!

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When you run a business, security is one of the priorities that can seem the most difficult to maintain. Providing access to the right people while keeping out anyone without authority can be difficult unless you have a good master key system. However, as employees fluctuate, managers rise and move on and space is rearranged again and again, master system rekey can seem daunting. Without a local professional that you can trust to make sure that your system is maintained with reliable accuracy, business security can be a headache.

Master system rekey services require you to place your company’s security in the hands of an outsider. This is why our locksmiths are fully certified and licensed for the services we provide. Feel free to ask for photo identification and licensing before allowing them to work in your office.

A master system rekey is a matter of reassigning the locks in your building to new and varied key codes. A master key, of course, has access to every door in the building, but each lock is capable of also containing a second or even third code. The lock contains a number of pins held within a cylinder; these pins are segmented and of different lengths. When the key with the proper sequence of ridges and grooves is inserted, the pins will be pushed up into alignment, with the breaking point between the cylinder and the non-movable housing.

An One Step Locksmith technician will quickly dismantle these locks and reassign the pins to suit the access control you desire, reinstalling the working locks. Generally, the task is completed with the help of a few basic tools and experience.

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