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When you’ve been locked out of your car, what’s the first thing you try to do? You probably look for a way to get into your car, whether that’s through breaking a window or picking a lock or searching yet again for your lost keys. Most will eventually resort to trying to pick the lock, especially if you can see your car keys sitting right there on the seat. But in order to keep your car safe from damages, only a professional provider of Ottawa pick a lock services should be trusted. That is what One Step Locksmith is here for – to provide you with reliable and excellent quality service 24 hours a day. Our technicians arrive within 30 minutes of your call and are always armed with all the tools they’ll need to quickly and efficiently pick your car lock for you to allow you to get inside.

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Professional Training

The proper training is required for a technician to become licensed to provide pick a lock services in Ottawa. They have to know how the pins or mechanisms within the lock work – for every single kind of car lock there is. It’s specific to each car, so they have to be able to quickly understand the mechanics of the lock and determine how to bypass the lock mechanism. Without such professional training, if you try

Professional Equipment

Not only is professional training required, but professional equipment is necessary as well. Pick a lock services are always going to be unsuccessful if you don’t have all the right pieces of equipment to make it happen. Training and proper tools combine to allow each technician to successfully pick your lock for your car door without causing any damages to the car, the door, or anyone involved.

Understanding the Process

What makes us a professional team at One Step Locksmith is our in-depth understanding of the modern car door lock. Each of our technicians knows how locks work. For example, tumbler locks which have an inner cylinder plug with an outer housing and pins in a run shaft, set to a unique pattern for the personalized lock. These pins can be single solid pieces that are lifted up when the key is inserted or multiple pieces that have to align perfectly when the key is inserted. Understanding the process requires that our technicians know how to manipulate the door lock without using the key. Our professional tools and expertise allow us to do this quite easily so that you don’t have to worry about the damage done to your car.

No matter what car lockout solutions you need, whether they are Ottawa pick a lock services or rekey services or transponder key reprogramming services, we at One Step Locksmith are here to help you. You can call us 24/7 for quick and reliable services that you can count on.

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